1. Mount the mobile 

We recommend using bike mobile holders to fix the mobile on the bike handle tightly.


2. Reduce friction 

To make the steering smoother, it's important to reduce the friction between the front wheel and the floor. If you have slippery floors, you can simply put a towel underneath the wheel. We also recommend using a rotating swivel or a steering block.

3. Calibration 

The steering of the game is controlled by the gyro sensor in the mobile.  Before each game start, there is an initial calibration screen where you can put your bike handle straight and the game will set the value as "front". 


You can also recalibrate the center value in the game when the steering control feels off.   Put your bike handle forward and hit the "recalibrate" button on the bottom right of the screen.

reacalibrate_画板 1.png

4. Handhold mode 

In case your bike doesn't have a movable front wheel, or you are in a narrow space, you may want to use the handhold mode to control steering by hand.  Hit the icon on the top left to switch to handheld mode, and hold the mobile horizontally to control the steering.

handholdmode_画板 1.png