Spirit Overflow's current game mode is called territory war. Within a 3-minutes 3v3 battle, the team that captures the most territory at the end wins the game.


Your pedaling and steering will control the speed and direction of the character. 


Trail & Territory

When the character moves, there will be a trail left behind. When you close a shape with your trails, you can create a territory for your team. You can also steal enemies' territory(but you can't create a "hole" inside enemy territory). 


HP, Damage, Kill and Respawn 

Each character has 3 HP (health point). 


When an enemy cuts your trail, you will take damage that will 

  1. Erase your current trail, 

  2. Slow you down for a short period

  3. - 1 HP


When your HP goes to 0, you will die, which will make you shortly absent from the battle.

You will respawn at the respawn point after 15s, during this period, pedaling will accelerate the respawn process, the faster you pedal the faster you can respawn and come back to the battle




Ultimate skill

during the game, the ultimate skill will start charging as the game starts, when it's fully charged, you can activate it by hitting the button on the mobile phone. Ultimate skill will give you a speed boost as well as an instant kill ability to the enemy you hit. 



Items are powerups that you can pick up during the game, they are generated randomly on the maps. You can activate it by tapping the item icon on the mobile. Currently, we have 3 items: 

You can throw this item at the enemy. If you throw it to the enemy trail, it can remove that trail. If you can hit an enemy character, it can instantly kill that enemy

Heal 1 HP 

Speed boost
Give you a speed boost for a short time.